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Pampered By Melody

Ultimate Lash Artist, Mentor & Educator

Russian Volume Lashes 2-5D

Volume Lashes


Russian 2-5D Volume Full Set (2.5-3hrs) - Russian Volume is a specialised, highly skilled and very intricate technique whereby a handmade fan of multiple ultra fine, ultra lightweight lashes are applied to each individual natural lash. Russian Volume gives a super dark, fluffy beautiful lash line.  This treamtent is perfect for those wanting a more dramatic effect, it's also great for those who have very sparse natural lashes.



2D Volume Full Set (2hrs) - Using the stacking method 2 fine lashes are applied to give a darker more voluminous effect than classic lashes.

Individual Eyelash Extensions


Classic Full Set (1.5hrs) - Tailored to the individual and stocking many lengths, diameters and curls we can create your desired look.  Anything from natural, mascara'd to catseye or full on glam!


Classic Taster/Half Set (1hr) - An introduction to lash extensions, using half the amount of lashes for a more subtle appearance.


Classic Maintenance (1hr) - Infills are recommended every 3 weeks.  I will safely remove any extensions that have grown out and apply fresh lashes.


Please note that clients are requested to remove all eye make-up before all lash appointments and arrive with squeaky clean lashes.


Depending on your natural lash cycle and your aftercare you can expect you Individual Eyelash Extensions to last around 4-6 weeks however with regular maintenance (recommended every 3 weeks) your lash extensions can be worn indefinitely.


*A patch test is essential at least 48hours before the treamtent and a £20 non-refundable but redeemable deposit is required to secure your appointment.

Ultimate Lash Lift


The natural eyelashes are lifted from the root, fanned out and given a colour boost, creating the appearance of longer, thicker, fuller, more voluminous natural lashes.  It is possible to either give your lashes curl, full on maximim lift or somewhere in between.  The Ultimate Lash Lift is maintenance free and lasts for around 6 weeks.  This treatment is a more natural, softer looking alternative to lash extensions.  Many ladies do not feel the need to use mascara.


*A patch test is essential 48hours before the treatment.

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